Pakistani children

Our Mission

In the tree of hope, “Yaqeen” (belief)

is the roots.

Tree Yaqeen

Through "Yaqeen" we can grow the ability to do

to change

to create 

and empower

  Within this one simple word lies all the essential nutrients to foster the growth of these great actions.  Although it may seem simplistic, when accompanied with good intention, great passion & experience, there is nothing that cannot be achieved through belief in oneself and one’s goals.


It is our mission at Yaqeen to unite with others who share our great desire to seek change where change is long overdue, help where hope is lost and provide prosperity where wealth has never even been imagined.  


The people of Pakistan are our responsibility, no matter where we reside.  We desire to provide basic healthcare, educational opportunities & shelter for those who are in dire need of it. Please join us in planting this tree & cultivating the fruits of our labor for the benefit of the poor & unfortunate people of Pakistan.  

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Our Causes

Help Heal
Pakistani homeless, help provide access to health care

For millions of Pakistanis, the biggest challenge they face is access to adequate health care. 

Help Educate
Pakistani school children

For many low-income college students, one of the biggest barriers to attendance is cost. 

Help Home
Pakistani homeless in need

Every single day people in Pakistan are either losing their homes or they just don't have one. It is time to take action and help.