Help Educate Them

Yaqeen is a non-profit organization that empowers those that are lacking health, educational & safe shelter resources in Pakistan to get back on track. We are building a platform to help college students attain & complete their education, to help widows & poor families without any source of income to be able to provide for themselves & their families on a regular basis and we aim to provide health facilities in communities lacking access to good healthcare.

About Yaqeen



Number of physicians for every 1,000 people in Pakistan.

Help Heal

For millions of Pakistanis, the biggest challenge they face is health challenge, their chances of surviving & a healthy life


Out of school children in Pakistan have never been to school.

Help Educate

For many low-income college students, one of the biggest barriers to attendance is cost. Yaqeen would like to help...


Reason Pakistani girls drop out of school is to help their parents with work & earn for home

Help Home

Every single day people in Pakistan are either losing their homes or they just don't have one. Is it not time we to do something...


More infants die at birth in Pakistan compared to developed countries like United Kingdom

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